Welcome to TTP Academy.  We have been teaching in the Lake Country area, and beyond, for over 35 years.  In 2016 we changed the way we do business to share our love of dance, and our experience as educators with more people.

We value dance as an art form and amazing addition to a person’s life, no matter what age.  We are committed to teaching dance and the arts as they should be — with diligence, professionalism, and individual attention, to each of our class members.  We use good taste in choosing costumes, have a dress code for ballet and most other classes, and use a defined way of teaching with common curricula that has been tested and perfected through many years in the industry.

We offer more than just classes.  We create opportunities for our students, and sometimes the community at large, to perform, travel, and be a part of many dance and performing arts experiences.  These may include trips throughout the state or Chicago with master class opportunities and adjudication from well known people in the industry.

Our membership in local, national and international organizations opens the door to scholarships, workshops and limitless resources for our Academy students.