TTP Academy is a group of experience, professional dance educators who want to share their passion and talent with people of all ages.  The director previously owned To The Pointe in Hartland.  She and the faculty wanted to make Academy Level dance more affordable and accessible to more of the community, so they are offering professional level programs, along with some recreational classes, to communities throughout the area.  They are already teaching in four locations, and will add a fifth in 2017.  Boys are welcome in all classes.

Read more by downloading the information sheet located on the City website. All ages as of September 1 of the current annual term.  Private lessons and choreography are available based on space and time availability.

Students in the Academy level classes take class mid-September through mid-May and are eligible to participate in the annual recital at the Oconomowoc Arts Center.  A summer session is also offered.


Ballet I through VI
Beginning at age 7 through teens. Older students are welcome. Class placement is decided by an in-class evaluation and students advance in level after an evaluation by the director. 45 minutes to 1.25 hours, depending on level. Level III and attend at least two classes per week.

Pointe and Pre-Pointe
These classes are available to students who are at least 11 years of age, have had at least 5 years of dance, and are evaluated and approved by the director. Class is held 2 times per week, following the Ballet III to VI level classes. 30 minutes 2 times per week

Hip Hop
YES! We’re talking real, urban-style Hip-Hop. Taught by Mr. Malcolm, who has studied with Cedric Gardner and others, his style is smooth, funky, high-energy and lots of fun. This class is perfect for the GUYS as well as the GALS.

Jazz 1 through IV
For students age 7 and up also enrolled in ballet. Many styles are explored including; classic jazz, funk, lyrical and more.

Lyrical / Contemporary
Lyrical is fusion of Jazz and Ballet for students age 9 to 12 who are also enrolled in ballet. Contemporary is blend of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, and Ballet for age 12 and up. 30 minutes

Tap I through IV
This classic dance style has many styles. Starting at age 7, students learn basic steps that become more intricate through the levels. Class placement is determined by in-class evaluation. 30 or 45 minutes, depending on age.

Boyz Makin’ Noyz and Dance
This class is strictly for Guys. Tap and Jazz-funk are both in this one class for guys 7 and up. Younger students may be enrolled after a trial class.
Acro & Conditioning
For dancers age 10 and up enrolled in ballet. Learn more strengthening techniques and work on acrobatic skills used in dance. 1 hour

Musical Theatre Dance
Learn various styles, characterization, and how to show your pizazz in this fun class for age 10 & up. Ideal for students who love to act on stage but limited dance and characterization skills. NOTE: This class will be offered based on interest and time availability.


Students enrolled in the full term of class are eligible to perform in the recital. These are not your typical “little kid” classes. They really learn a lot because of the codified systems we use and the professional dance educators teaching your child. Boys are welcome too! Creative games and “play” an important part of all the primary classes, for age 3 to 6

Be-Bop for Tots
A special class for 3 year olds. Counting to 5 in French, learning first and second position and all the arms (port des bras), gross motor skills including skipping, hopping, jumping, and leaping. Listening skills, and defining right and left are important goals. Music, games, and dance all combine to help your 3 year old grow and learn. 30 minutes, $10 per class

Primary Dance I
A complete introduction to dance for 4 year olds. Ballet positions, steps, and concepts using French terms are used to individually work with each student to help them become comfortable in the studio environment. Tap is introduced. 30 minutes

Primary Dance II
Similar to Primary Dance I but developed for 5 year olds. A bit more tap is used as the students’ control and knowledge increase. 30 minutes

Ballet & Tap for 6 year olds
This class is a scaled down version of a technique class. The students start with a barre warm up, then move to center. Both Ballet and Tap are taught and the teacher chooses which style will be used in the recital.
45 minutes.



Tiny Tots
This class is for 2 year olds and a parent or other adult leader. Music, tempo, dance words, listening skills, and becoming comfortable with the studio environment are the goals of this class. 5 week sessions, 30 minutes

Next Step for 3&4 year olds
A fun class that will teach some basic dance term, steps, and combinations. 10 week sessions, 30 minutes

Next Step for 5&6 year olds
Same as the 3&4 class with slightly more involved steps and combinations. 10 week sessions. 30 minutes


Ageless Ballet & Tap
This class is for everyone, and adults 50+ Love It! Stay Healthy in Mind and Body and get some great exercise. Like a regular ballet class, we start at the ballet barre to warm up and strengthen muscles, then move to center combinations and across the floor. We do limited jumping, but love to create combinations and mini-dances for the dancers. 5 or 10 weeks of class for 1 hour. Lower per class fee for 10 week enrollment

So You CAN Dance
This class was introduced last year and it was a HUGE HIT! Adults learn new routines about every 3-5 weeks and many styles. From Footloose to Phantom, and Mama Mia to Inside Out. 5 or 10 weeks of class for 45 minutes. Lower per class fee for 10 week enrollment.

Floor Barre
Do you like Yoga? Pilates? Getting conditioned without the stress? Then this is the class for you! In just 30 minutes, laying on the floor, you will work all major groups using the combined principals of Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. 30 and 45 minute classes, based on experience and interest.


Brain Dance for Infants
With a parent, introduce movements to develop Proprioception (your position in relation to other things/people), Mirror Imaging, lateral and cross-lateral movements, axial – distal, and unique movement patterns. 30 minutes with a parent

Brain Dance for 50+
Keep your mind sharp and your body in shape. Repetitive and non-repetitive movements, short and long sequences, lateral & cross-lateral, and much more to get your synaptic connections in the brain firing, tap into memory centers, learn and retain movement patterns and have fun! 30 minutes

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